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Youth Education and Support

Youth Education and Support

Being a child or young adult who lived in a refugee camp face many obstacles when integrating into US culture.   Besides difficulties of navigating in the US educational system, there are many negative societal pressures that must be faced.   Also it is important that they not abandon their cultural and faith heritage.

RYAEI Youth Education and Support provides direct client work as well as sector development in the education and community space.  Participating children and youth have opportunities in such areas as sport/recreation, education, employment, and faith development. The goal is for young people to develop a strong sense of belonging and resilience during settlement and beyond.

The need:   For refugee families supported by RYAEI, there are currently are approximately 100 children enrolled in school. 

Game Program

My game changer Training

Game Changer Training provides sport and recreation clubs and organizations with practical advice and tools to embrace cultural diversity and build a welcoming environment for all.  


RYAEI Multicultural Youth Transition Mentor Program supports young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds with the transition into higher education, Vocational Education, and Training or work.

Heading 3


This program works with refugees and immigrant youth and teaches them more about the Christianity faith. This program helps immigrant and youth to connect with the holy spirit and give them the opportunity to grow their faith.


Proverbs 9:10 

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

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Our employment program works with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds in brown County to engage in training, and employment services and gain employment. The program aims to promote the value and enablers that support the diversification of the workforce within: 

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